Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well it is 11:30 on Tuesday night and all I have finished for Project Run and Play’s Special Occasion Outfit is the bodice, but it’s lime green and I love lime green… LB picked the colors Royal Purple and Green. I had a totally different idea in my head for the dress, but wasn’t quite sure how to execute it all, so I stole a bodice from one pattern and a skirt pattern I’ve come up with that I know works . Now to see if I can make it the shape I want it to be… So far the bodice is looking good, but darn this stuff is slippery to sew.

The picture doesn't do the colors justice the purple is much brighter as is my fav lime green.

Off to bed and then back at it tomorrow morning. I know AJ hates that I need the kitchen table for laying out all the fabric. Guess he’ll just have to eat around my cutting mat….

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