Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome 2012

What is your resolution? Do you make resolutions? I've been following Katy from No Big Dill at where she's posted at Me Sew Crazy about ReSewlutions and that has me thinking about all my unfinished projects calling my name reminding me that I have hidden these away as if I'm ashamed of them.
My goal for this month is to finish at least 2 sewing projects (I know how ambitious of me, but hey I have 3 kids that's my excuse). 
1) a Blouse for LB
  • I'm afraid of button holes so afraid I've never made an outfit requiring them I go to all lengths to avoid anything with button holes. If it requires a button closure I use velcro (I know how tacky) or a button and a loop of elastic, oh look I have snaps... at least I'm creative.
2) Under the Sea Quilt
  • I started this quilt for me niece for her first birthday (she'll be 3 in February) so I'd better get on it and finish.
My two goals for this month that do not involve sewing (ok maybe a little word: curtain's is all I'm going to say)
1) Finish the living room
  • One wall is painted (hey you try painting a living room with a 2yr old and 9 month old who want to touch everything) so paint two more walls and either make, acquire or buy some chocolate brown curtains.
2) Organize (I know what a dirty word) the kitchen
  • Things are piling up in the kitchen time to organize put away/throw away all this clutter.
Sew what are your resolutions?  

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