Monday, January 30, 2012

Just have one of those days…. Well I am or to say it better “we are”. Miss LB is having a day of no co-operation just when Mom wants her to stand nice so I can take a picture of her in her Valentine’s Day Dress she has a melt down. She’d tried it on earlier, no problems lots of smiles then I noticed it needed a change.

Reminds me of a Barbie dress

I didn’t like how the bottom layer ended up so much longer then the other layers, each black and white layer is ½ inch wider then the one before, not sure where my math went on this one but it was definatly more then a ½ inch difference. So I had to stitch rip it all apart, shorten the layer and reattach it all. With Baby B and LB running around it sure cuts into my sewing time, as it took a couple hrs to stitch rip and reattach between baby chasing, feeding and changing.

The second fitting didn’t go as well. Lots of tears, mom getting frustrated because I’m having one of those days too. Bribery of Smarties (don’t judge me you would resort to bribery too if she was your child).

See what bribery gets me, a smiling happy child.
All Smiles Now



I love the ruffled layers, like a layered Cupcake. I had the fabric picked out months ago just for that one special day, February 14th but what to do with it, layered skirts had been my original thought but since one of my goals was to properly install a zipper at least once, I thought I’d better make a dress.
I took a simple skirt and bodice pattern, retraced it out on pattern paper, then cut the skirt in strips each skirt strip 1/2 inch shorter then the first. Each ruffle is 3 inches wide and then sewed them together in layers working from the top of the skirt all the way to the bottom.
I also machine stitched on the heart it didn't turn out too bad but if you look close one sides larger then the other.... hey don't go back and look.....
This would be why Miss LB was trying my patience
Maybe I should join her?

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