Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life in Balance

Being a single mom, means life is all about balance. Some days there's more of it then others. Just like any parent you worry about:
Am I spending enough time with the kids?
Did I spend enough time with each (if you have more then one) of the kids
I was I too short with any of them?
Was the dinner you made (or bought) healthy enough?
Is the house clean still standing
What are you making them for lunch tomorrow, do you have enough fruit, veggies etc. A parents life you are constantly thinking about others. We have to remember to take time out for ourselves. For me that means sewing that's what I do for me, which really isn't for me because everything I sew is either for my girls (I'd sew for my son but he's not one for ruffles) or orders for dresses.
I'm so very tempted to take sometime for me tonight and not sew but our Village is having it's 50th Anniversary which is going to be so much fun! Ok back on topic, on the Friday night at the reception dinner there's an opportunity for local vendors to put in a table. I of course put a table in, but then quickly panicked that I needed stock for my table so off to the basement I went. Well as soon as I could which means after work, after supper, after baths and then after girls are in bed because sewing with Baby B is an adventure in it's self. You wont know how many time's she has climbed up and spun the tension dials on my serger, I cry every time.  So once the girls are in bed I can devote my evening to sewing, so around 8ish give or take an hr I can begin. I usually last until 11 or midnight but tonight  (I didn't even have to cook thank you thank you Sofia and the kids skipped the bath) here I sit and gasp it's only 8:15 I should be sewing, I only have 2 more nights to accomplish my goal and I've run out of energy. Life is all about Balance and tonight I'm going to balance my head on a pillow.
Balance it's everywhere in Life

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