Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 2

The second day of our trip took us to Calaway Park, I have to say I've been here before many times as a little girl. I spent the first 7 years of my life living in Cochrane AB. Not that I can remember any of those trips, but the one thing I do remember is after riding the roller coaster for the first time, when getting off I told my mom "I left my heart on the ride" mom said well then lets go get it and I don't remember but mom said I freaked out and refused to go again. I guess I found the ride a little scary then again I was 7.

This must not have scarred me for life.. I love the thrill of rides of all kinds.

I do have a love for rides that is not shared by my children. I convinced my eldest to join me on a ride. That is until it was our turn to get on the ride, my son then bailed since I'd already stood in line I got on by myself.....

I love rides, unfortunatly my two little ones thought I was never coming back and cried the duration of my ride, Fortunatly for me I couldn't hear them and had fun all by myself.
AJ did manage to get a few rides in on his own, not sure he's ready for the HWY yet but it's a start.

The boys had fun soaking strangers, although they did not stay dry themselves.
The Balloon ride was a big hit, we watched them go round and round and round.
LB's favorite ride of course was the Carousel, all in all Calaway Park was a great place to go.
Come back for Day 3!

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