Monday, December 12, 2011

Borax Stars

I've found a new site called Pinterest and can waste many hours just looking at all the things I wish I had time to do and wish my house looked like or craft room, it's a great site to find other creative ideas. I found this craft idea Borax Snowflakes aren't these pretty.
I followed the instructions from These were so super easy and so sparkly when finished. We of course didn't have white pipe cleaners so ours are a little more colorful but I think whatever you have on hand will work.

So you take boiling water (enough to fill your pint mason jars) mix in 1/3 cup of borax in each jar.  

Then hang your pipe cleaners bent into snowflake or star shapes. We used pencils over the mouth of the jars to keep the pipe cleaners from touching the edges or bottom (some of ours touched and a little tug and they came loose from the bottom) Leave your shapes hanging overnight and in the morning.

You will have glittery stars.
Even the 12 yr old enjoyed this quick little craft.

Here's a quick recap of instructions

You will need:
Boiling water (enough to fill your jars)
1/3 cup of borax for each pint sized jar
pipe cleaners bent into snowflakes or stars
String or yarn (we used string)
at least 8-12hrs of time

This craft was quick and easy which to me is the perfect craft with two little girls keeping me on my toes.

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