Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well my son AJ came home from school very excited that he’d shown everyone a “New Trick”, you never know what “New Trick” means from a 12yr old. So he showed me and his sister LB his “New Trick” which was a stage slap or punch and so after a bit of fooling around and me showing him the stage slaps I’d learned in drama he thought it was a good idea to show the 2yr old. So AJ got down nice and low so she could reach him, I then showed her how to swing far enough away so she wouldn’t actually connect with his face. First couple attempts were successful if not silly to watch AJ and LB stage fight, and just as I turn around I hear “SLAP” silence……then AJ “LB you’re not supposed to actually hit me.” Poor girl she looked sad (but almost secretly happy to have slapped her brother across the face).

Lessons for the day

·         Do not teach a 2yr old how to stage fight unless you want to lose!

·         Nothing like as you start turning your back you think this might not be a good idea

So after the stage fighting was quickly put to an end I found the real reason for all the over acting at the house. AJ got the Role in “The True Story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas” He is very excited (I’m excited for him and not so secretly happy that he shares my love for all things drama). He got the role of The Grinch….he’s walking around the house singing “you’re a mean one Mr. Grinch”

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