Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with lots of gifts and cards, instead (because I remembered a day ahead) the kids each got a small box of chocolates and a card from their grandparents who had just been here for a visit the day before.

What we did do for Valentine’s Day was have everyone’s favorite dinner….. Spaghetti , with a little red dye in the water to turn the noodles “Pink”  and of course red meat sauce and “Pink” Lemonade. LB thought it was pretty neat to have pink noodles..

Gourmet at the Funk House
Baby B enjoying the pink noodles

We even had cupcakes with pink icing not made by me, I bought them at the local grocery store this time.

The kids had such a blast with dinner tonight, might have to be creative a little more often.

I felt like I failed Valentine's Day this year, I just did not have time for baking as I’ve been busy building my pantries.. yes that’s plural I have two pantries that I’m putting together, one is finished and the other just needs the top cabinet built and lifted up. (these are very heavy). So I can build it I just need to have a friend over to help lift it.

See my half finished kitchen it’s almost done…yay

On a very exciting note I get to test a pattern for a company, shhh it’s a secret so I can't show you until they release the pattern on their website, but I’m super excited it’s sew cute!

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